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2016 - 2017 Academic Excellence Committee




Senator Department Seat Represents Term Ends
Sean Atkinson MUSI Fine Arts 2018
Lisa Bashore NDNP Nursing & Health Science 2019
Jeff Coffer CHEM Science & Engineering 2018
Greg Friedman - FSEC Liason MATH Science & Engineering 2017
Steven Lim ACCT Business 2017
John Lovett ECON AddRan (SS) 2018
Thomas Moeller FINA Business 2019
Joddy Murray - Chair ENGL AddRan (Hum) 2019
Jan Quesada RELI AddRan (Hum) 2019
David Sandell SOAN AddRan (SS) 2019
Michael Scherger COSC Science & Engineering 2017
Loren Spice  MATH Science & Engineering 2019



The Academic Excellence Committee shall propose and monitor solutions to issues of rigor, innovations and creativity in order to sustain academic excellence in the University.


Standing Charges
1. Propose solutions to issues arising from policies, procedures, programs, and goals that affect the academic excellence of the University.
2. Act as a consultative body for the Faculty Senate (FS) representative to Faculty Advisory Committee for the John V. Roach Honors College and bring relevant issues to FS.
3. Propose strategies for innovation, creativity, and rigor in university programs.


Special Charges
A. Explore and suggest alternative classroom management solutions / scheduling paradigms.
B. Consult with the Office of the QEP, Discovering Global Citizenship, and report on the vision, accomplishments, effectiveness, and impact on academic excellence from this initiative.
C. Designate ex officio member of Intercollegiate Athletics university committee. Consult with the Faculty Athletics Representative.
D. Study and assess co-curricular activity as it relates to academic excellence.
E. In collaboration with the Honors College, define the role of the AEC representative and seek Senate approval for any revised Honors College relationship, if necessary.



2014-2015 End of Year Report


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