TCU: Faculty Senate


2017 - 2018 Educational Evaluation Committee




Chair: Clark Jones
FSEC Liaison: Greg Friedman
Members: Kathy Baker, Kat Barger, José Carrión, Dennis Ledis, Rhiannon Mayne, Joan McGettigan, Steve Palko, Samantha Powell, Michael Sawey, Chris Sawyer



The Educational Evaluation Committee shall represent faculty interests on issues of 1. Evaluating teaching quality, and 2. Teaching support, including instructional technology, training, and classroom and online environments.


Standing Charges
1. Represent interests of faculty on issues of teaching quality and support (technology, services, resources/training, classroom).
2. Act as a consultative body for the University Evaluation Committee regarding electronic Student Perception of Teaching (eSPOT) survey policies and practices.


Special Charges
A. Continue to work with department chairs and deans to facilitate the implementation of the “Best Practices” recommendations from the FS on teaching excellence and evaluation.





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