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2016 - 2017 Faculty Relations Committee




Senator Department Seat Represents Term Ends
Kristi Argenbright SGEE Science and Engineering 2017
Art Busbey - FSEC Liaison SGEE Science and Engineering 2017
Hayat Hokayem EDUC Education 2019
Max Krochmal HIST AddRan (SS) 2017
Andrew Ledbetter - Chair COMM Communication 2018
Sally Packard  FNRT Fine Arts 2018
David Preston INSC Business 2018
Alan Shorter  THEA Fine Arts 2017
Patricia Walters  ACCT Business 2017
Dan Williams HOCO Honors College 2019




The Faculty Relations Committee shall monitor the effectiveness of University policies on faculty conditions of employment and work environment, tenure, promotion, and grievance, and serve as liaison with Human Relations on faculty benefits and compensation.


Standing Charges
1. Monitor the effectiveness of University policies on tenure, promotion and grievance as set forth in the Faculty and Staff Handbook.
2. Monitor the effectiveness and outcomes of faculty conflict resolution processes for ensuring due process.
3. Represent the faculty on issues of Benefits and Compensation with Human Resources.


Special Charges
A. Serve as liaison with the Gender Equity Committee and keep the FS apprised of its findings.
B. Across TCU’s academic units, document differences in practice and experience regarding adjunct faculty.
C. Develop and recommend best practices for faculty evaluations and merit pay, particularly regarding university service.
D. Study the status of tenure at TCU. Identify an optimum proportion of tenured/tenure-track faculty within the entire faculty in view of the institution’s goals.


Committee Reports


Report on Service - May 22, 2012

2014-2015 End of Year Report







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