TCU: Faculty Senate


2017 - 2018 Faculty Relations Committee



Chair: Dan Williams (fall), Andrew Ledbetter (spring)
FSEC Liaison: Greg Stephens
Members: Marinda Allender, Kendra Bowen, Jill Havens, Emily Herzig, D. Lynn Jackson, Kevin Johnson, Karen Nelson, Sally Packard, David Preston, Alyssa Stewart



The Faculty Relations Committee shall monitor the effectiveness of University policies on faculty conditions of employment and work environment, tenure, promotion, and grievance, and serve as liaison with Human Relations on faculty benefits and compensation.


Standing Charges
1. Monitor the effectiveness of University policies on tenure, promotion and grievance as set forth in the Faculty and Staff Handbook.
2. Monitor the effectiveness and outcomes of faculty conflict resolution processes for ensuring due process.
3. Consult with Human Resources on benefits and compensation.


Special Charges
A. Examine ways to increase/improve faculty-trustee relations, including identifying practices and peer and aspirational institutions.
B. Examine/review TCU’s research/sabbatical leave policies.
C. Examine proportion of administrative, support staff, and faculty among TCU’s workforce and compare with peer and aspirational institutions.


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