TCU: Faculty Senate


2016 - 2017 Governance Committee



Senator Department Seat Represents Term Ends
Lane Bradley  INSC Business 2019
Pamela Frable NURS Nursing & Health Sciences 2017
Jeffrey Geider RAMA Ranch Management 2017
Hanan Hammad HIST AddRan (Hum & SS) 2017
Ted Legatski- FSEC Liaison MANA Business 2018
Carrie Moore COMM Communication 2017
Michael Skinner - Chair THEA Fine Arts 2019
Timothy Watkins MUSI Fine Arts 2018
Eric Yorkston MARK Business 2018


The Governance Committee shall monitor and revise when needed the Faculty Senate and Faculty-Staff Handbooks, work jointly with the Executive Committee on Senate elections, and monitor the function of the Faculty Senate by recommending changes to improve its governance and effectiveness.


Standing Charges
1. Revise and edit the Faculty Senate and Faculty-Staff Handbooks to ensure congruence with new programs, policies, and initiatives.
2. Work jointly with the Executive Committee to nominate candidates for senate offices.
3. Monitor function and effectiveness of Faculty Senate Committees.
4. Develop and implement strategies to increase the visibility, influence, and effectiveness of the FS.


Special Charges
A. Review absenteeism policies for FS and FS Committees.
B. Examine historical Faculty Senate actions and inform the FSEC of any outstanding recommendations.
C. Define the role of the Koehler Center relative to the faculty’s expectations.


Committee Reports


2011-2012 Annual Report

2014-2015 End of Year Report



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