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2016 - 2017 Student Relations Committee



Senator Department Seat Represents Term Ends
Marinda Allender NURS Nursing & Health Sciences 2019
Sharon Canclini NURS Nursing & Health Sciences 2019
Monica Jenschke NURS Nursing & Health Sciences 2017
San-ky Kim MUSI Fine Arts 2017
Adam Schiffer POSC AddRan (SS) 2017
Krista Scott THEA Fine Arts 2017
Melissa Sherrod NDNP Nursing & Health Sciences 2018
Michael Sherrod MANA Business 2018
Gregory Stephens  - FSEC Liaison


Business 2016
Keith Whitworth SOAN AddRan (SS) 2017
Robin Wright - Chair MOLA AddRan (Hum) 2018



The Student Relations Committee shall represent the Faculty Senate on matters involving student concerns, consult with Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, and review strategies to maintain student participation in shared governance.


Standing Charges
1. Represent the Faculty Senate on matters involving student concerns.
2. Meet with officers of the Student Government Association (SGA) and SGA House of Representatives at least annually in order to monitor issues of concern to the student community. Attend the weekly meetings of the SGA.
3. Consult with Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, and share with FS; provide Faculty Senate feedback to these units.


Special Charges
A. Assess the state of TCU undergraduate graduation and attrition rates and propose ways to improve these rates.
B. Study the transfer students experience at TCU. Consult with Undergraduate Admission and Retention university committee and appropriate administration.
C. Study the state of diversity and inclusiveness at TCU. If under-served areas are identified, propose a plan of action.
D. Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the Honor Code.



2014-2015 End of Year Report


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