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Educational Evaluation Committee


Chair: Sophia Garcia
FSEC Liaison: Tracy Hicks
Members: J. Sage Elwell, Elva Orozco Mendoza, Layne Bradley, Qinghua Yang, Twyla Robinson, Lydia Mackay, Kathryn Ellis, Katie Lauve-Moon, Sophia Garcia, Michael Sawey, Eric Simanek

The Educational Evaluation Committee shall represent faculty interests on issues of 1. Evaluating teaching quality, and 2. Teaching support, including instructional technology, training, and classroom and online environments.

Standing Charges

  1. Represent the interests of faculty on issues of teaching quality and support (technology, services, resources/training, classroom).
  2. Act as a consultative body for the University Evaluation Committee regarding electronic Student Perception of Teaching (eSPOT) survey policies and practices.

Special Charges

1. Share with deans and department chairs the findings from the 2022 EEC survey of TCU faculty used to measure faculty members’ (a) understanding of and (b) satisfaction with the way their teaching is evaluated.

2. Look deeper into the 2022 EEC survey data—especially the qualitative data, to identify specific issues that need more attention. For instance, some comments in the survey indicated that non-tenure-track faculty did not receive as much feedback on their teaching as tenure-track faculty. Other comments suggested dissatisfaction among adjuncts.



2018-19 EEC Annual Report

2017-18 EEC Annual Report