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Educational Evaluation Committee


Chair: Joshua Bentley
FSEC Liaison: Greg Friedman
Members: J. Sage Elwell, Elva Orozco Mendoza, Layne Bradley, Qinghua Yang, Twyla Robinson, Lydia Mackay, Kathryn Ellis, Katie Lauve-Moon, Sophia Garcia, Michael Sawey, Eric Simanek

The Educational Evaluation Committee shall represent faculty interests on issues of 1. Evaluating teaching quality, and 2. Teaching support, including instructional technology, training, and classroom and online environments.

Standing Charges

  1. Represent the interests of faculty on issues of teaching quality and support (technology, services, resources/training, classroom).
  2. Act as a consultative body for the University Evaluation Committee regarding electronic Student Perception of Teaching (eSPOT) survey policies and practices.

Special Charges

  1. Continue to work with department chairs and deans to facilitate the implementation of the “Best Practices” recommendations from the Faculty Senate (2011) on teaching excellence and evaluation.
    • The flyers on “Best Practices for the Evaluation of Teaching” and “Recommended Guidelines for Teaching Evaluation for Deans, Chairs, and Committees” were sent from the Provost to the faculty in October 2017. Follow-up with Provost to send out to faculty in April.
    • More effective implementation of these policies must be achieved. Department chairs are often not aware (despite the efforts of this committee and the Provost’s office) and therefore do not fully implement the recommendations. The EEC would like these documents included as part of Department Chair training.
  2. Evaluate the appropriate usage of SPOTs for Annual review, Tenure & Promotion.
    • Fall 2019: Bring to the floor of the full Faculty Senate the following resolution: (Draft Resolution on next page).
    • Provost Dahlberg has indicated she is willing to attend an EEC meeting in the Fall of 2019 to discuss the appropriate use of SPOTs.
  1. Review IT procedures to make sure faculty have been included in the updates/reshoring process.

2018-19 EEC Annual Report

2017-18 EEC Annual Report