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Human Experiences and Endeavors (HEE)

Human Experience and Endeavors (27 hours)

Courses in this curriculum explore significant achievements and discoveries in the Humanities, Fine Arts, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. The aim is to develop students’ knowledge of the human condition and its connections to the good and the beautiful and to the natural and social orders. The requirements and competencies for this curriculum are contained in the following table.

Requirements                   Hours                      Competencies: TCU graduates will

Humanities 9 apply methods of humanistic inquiry and construct relevant arguments.
Social Sciences 9 understand social environments that arise from and influence human interaction.
Natural Sciences 6 be literate in the natural sciences.
Fine Arts 3 understand the significance of the fine arts and the importance of creativity through standard coursework and/or applied study.


Courses proposed for the Human Experiences and Endeavors curriculum may also meet the outcomes of a category in the Heritage, Mission, Vision, and Values Curriculum or couple with courses required for the major, minor or general curriculum. No more than two (2) courses in the HEE curriculum may be taken in any one area as defined by the course prefix. In addition, the requirements in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences, respectively, must be satisfied in at least two (2) different areas as defined by course prefix.