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What is an overlay?

An overlay in the TCU Core Curriculum is a requirement that may be met by a course in another category of the Core. The overlay areas of the core are the six categories in HMVV and Writing Emphasis (WEM).

The overlay feature of the TCU Core Curriculum makes it possible for students to take courses that will fulfill more than one of the Core categories. For example, a Sociology course might simultaneously satisfy the outcomes of Social Sciences and Cultural Awareness. If so, the student taking such a course would receive three credit hours and would satisfy both a Social Sciences and Cultural Awareness requirement.

However, no more than two courses in the HMVV Curriculum may be taken from any one area as defined by course prefix (the letters preceding a course number). Also, no course may be counted for more than one  HMVV requirement.

All courses in the TCU Core Curriculum may also overlay with other requirements of the student’s degree program. For example, an upper-level required course in a major may meet the Writing Emphasis requirement of the Core Curriculum.

Core Curriculum Diagram