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From the Director

Dr. Theresa Gaul, Director of TCU’s Core Curriculum

General education at TCU, given shape through TCU’s Core Curriculum, encourages students to make connections across areas of learning, to think critically and solve problems, to explore traditions that shape our present and creatively innovate for the future.

While students’ major and minor areas of study may prepare them for specific career paths or professions, the Core Curriculum emphasizes breadth of knowledge, integrative learning, and the development of the skills requisite to be a rigorous thinker and empathetic citizen in the world today.

The Core Curriculum is the curricular space that encourages students to recognize how a Natural Sciences course speaks to a Humanities course or to see how a Fine Arts course and a Mathematical reasoning course can come together in an unexpected synergy. An Oral Communications or a Written Communications course provides the skills to synthesize and effectively communicate in other Core classes or majors.

Importantly, the TCU Core Curriculum is guided by principles of equity and inclusion, and students practice skills in cultural diversity and intercultural sensitivity, civic responsibility, and global problem solving.

Before finishing their degrees, students at TCU devote around one-third of their academic study to the Core Curriculum, especially in their first two years. Many faculty devote much of their teaching energy to Core Curriculum courses. Departments and colleges across the university contribute innovative and engaging courses to its curriculum, ensuring its dynamism.

The Core Curriculum is the foundation of the academic experience of TCU for teachers and learners. Through your participation in the Core Curriculum, I welcome you into the academic community TCU brings into being.

Dr. Gaul is a Professor of English and was appointed as Director of the Core Curriculum in August 2021.