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Faculty Senate Committees

Each TCU Faculty Senator is assigned to one of the Senate Standing Committees. These committees examine particular aspects of the academic affairs and mission themes of the University, and normally meet at 3:30 p.m. on the Thursday following the Faculty Senate meeting. Senators may rank their preference for committee assignment. Click on the committee name to find the standing charges, recent recommendations and senators currently assigned to each.

AEC:Academic Excellence Committee
CUC:Committee on University Committees
EEC:Educational Evaluation Committee
FRC:Faculty Relations Committee
FSEC:Faculty Senate Executive Committee
GC:Governance Committee
HMVV:Heritage, Mission, Vision & Values (part of the core curriculum)
IAC:Intercollegiate Athletic Committee
SRC:Student Relations Committee
Special Committees

Horizon Commission
Creative Activity, Research & Scholarship (CARS)
Faculty Senate Advisory Committee
2018-19 Committee Annual Reports