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Governance Committee


Chair: Marc Neri
FSEC Liaison: Rebecca Sharpless
Members: Danyelle Ackall, Taryn Allen, Stephen Boakye, Layne Bradley, Pamela Frable, Richard Galvin, Stephanie Jevas, Ian Loveall, Santiago Pinon, James Rodriguez

The Governance Committee shall monitor and revise when needed the Faculty Senate and Faculty-Staff Handbooks, work jointly with the Executive Committee on Senate elections, and monitor the function of the Faculty Senate by recommending changes to improve its governance and effectiveness.

Standing Charges

1. Revise and edit the Faculty Senate Handbook to ensure congruence with new programs, policies, and initiatives.

2. Work jointly with the Executive Committee to nominate candidates for senate offices.

3. Monitor function and effectiveness of Faculty Senate (Committees).


As part of (3) monitoring the function and effectiveness of faculty senate (and committees), we had a few historical special charges: developing strategies for better faculty senate engagement; new senator orientation; and considering term limits.

Special Charges

Develop an election procedure for situations in which office positions are uncontested.

Update handbook with procedures for appointment/elections to University, Graduate, and Undergraduate Councils, and University and College Advisory Committees.

Make a recommendation regarding officer terms and timing of officer elections.