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Faculty Relations Committee


Chair: Thomas Moeller
FSEC Liaison: James Rodriguez
Members: Sarah Angle, Sue Gong, Eric Gonzales, Hadi Hosainy, Adam King, Laurel Lynch, Kelly McCormick, Vassil Mihov, David Sandell, Krista Scott, Matt Switzer, Corey Trahan, Daniel Williams, Qinghua Yang

The Faculty Relations Committee shall monitor the effectiveness of University policies on faculty conditions of employment and work environment, tenure, promotion, and grievance, and serve as a liaison with Human Relations on faculty benefits and compensation.

Standing Charges

  1. Monitor the effectiveness of University policies on tenure, promotion, and grievance as set forth in the Faculty and Staff Handbook.
  2. Monitor the effectiveness and outcomes of faculty conflict resolution processes for ensuring due process.
  3. Represent the faculty on issues on benefits and compensation with Human Resources.

Special Charges I

Pass the Resolution Supporting the Fundamental Importance of Academic Freedom

  1. Improve working relations and trust between the TCU faculty and the TCU administration
  2. Request a plan to restore inflation-adjusted pre-pandemic salaries and benefits
  3. Advocate for Faculty Senate representatives on Board of Trustees and Chancellor’s Cabinet

Special Charge II

  • Address frequent misalignment between the dates of TCU’s spring break and that of the major public-school districts in the area
  • Follow up on Danyelle Ackall’s work on confusing job titles and inconsistent contract terms for non-tenure track faculty
  • Follow up on procedures for granting tenure to university administrators
  • Follow up on potential parking cost changes
  • Current Items to be Monitored

    1. The timing and scope of sabbaticals
    2. Processes for changes to Faculty 180
    3. Open lines of communication with Human Resources
    4. Representation on the Board of Trustees

    End-of-year report 2022–2023