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Faculty Relations Committee


Chair: Daniel Williams
FSEC Liaison: Jill Havens
Members: Kelly McCormick, Eric Kojola, Thomas Moeller, Danyelle Ackall, Dustin Hahn, Matt Switzer, Brian Clinic, Corey Trahan, Tee Tyler, Ellen Broom, Loren Spice

The Faculty Relations Committee shall monitor the effectiveness of University policies on faculty conditions of employment and work environment, tenure, promotion, and grievance, and serve as a liaison with Human Relations on faculty benefits and compensation.

Standing Charges

  1. Monitor the effectiveness of University policies on tenure, promotion, and grievance as set forth in the Faculty and Staff Handbook.
  2. Monitor the effectiveness and outcomes of faculty conflict resolution processes for ensuring due process.
  3. Represent the faculty on issues on benefits and compensation with Human Resources.

Special Charges

  1. Discuss with Human Resources why TCU has moved away from our prior conflict resolution policies, what policies will replace them, and how conflict resolution will be handled in the interim.
  2. Discuss with Human Resources the proper scope, timing, and frequency of compliance training for faculty.
  3. Work with Provost Dahlberg to identify best practices for determining faculty workload and evaluating faculty performance.
  4. Investigate the extent to which faculty experience differs across faculty rank and status, particularly regarding the difference between full-time tenure/tenure-track faculty, full-time non-tenurable faculty, and part-time faculty.

Current Items to be Monitored

  1. The timing and scope of sabbaticals
  2. Processes for changes to Faculty 180
  3. Open lines of communication with Human Resources
  4. Representation on the Board of Trustees

FRC Annual Report 2018-19

2017-2018 FRC Annual Committee Report