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Committee On University Committees


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CoC New Committee Form – Form for making changes to an existing committee

Guidelines for University Procedures – Standard operating procedures for University Committees

The Committee on University Committees shall solicit faculty preferences and nominate faculty for membership on all University committees, review committee charges, and memberships, and provide orientation to, assessment, and oversight of University committees.

Standing Charges

  1. Represent interests of faculty in the structure, function, and membership of University Committees.
  2. Solicit faculty preferences and nominate faculty for membership on all University committees.
  3. Review university committees to determine if (l) existing committees are necessary; (2) their charge(s), memberships, and administrative oversight are appropriate; and (3) new committees are needed.
  4. Annually organize and present orientation for new university committee chairs. Distribute university committee charges to chairs at orientation.
  5. Establish university committee charges in consultation with FSEC, university committee chairs, and oversight authority yearly.
  6. Solicit and forward to the FSEC and the Provost annual reports from each University Committee chair at the end of the academic year.

Special Charges

  1. Work with Governance Committee to update the handbook with procedures for appointment/elections to University, Graduate, and Undergraduate Councils, and University and College Advisory Committees.
  2. Collect reports for special committee liaisons appointments

CUC 2018-19 EOY Report

2017-2018 CUC Annual Report