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Academic Excellence Committee


Chair: Marlo Jeffries
FSEC Liaison:Joddy Murray

Members: Jeff Todd, David Sandell, Rebecca Sharpless, Suzanne Carter, Swaminathan Kalpathy, Kimberly Owczarski, Till Meyn, Lisa Bashore, Julie Fry, Emily Herzig, Layne Craig

The Academic Excellence Committee shall propose and monitor solutions to issues of rigor, innovations, and creativity in order to sustain academic excellence in the University.

Standing Charges

  1. Propose solutions to issues arising from policies, procedures, programs, and goals that affect the academic excellence of the University.
    • Continue to monitor the progress of the DEI Core implementation committee and provide assistance when needed.
    • Follow-up with Registrar Mary Kincannon on the matter of the altered final exam schedule, its assessment, and efficiency.
  1. Act as a consultative body for the Faculty Senate (FS) representative to Faculty Advisory Committee for the John V. Roach Honors College and bring relevant issues to FS.
    • Joddy Murray will serve on the HCCC and occasional HCC meetings, and he will ask another member to attend if he cannot make one of the regular meetings.
  1. Propose strategies for innovation, creativity, and rigor in university programs.
    • Review whether graduate studies at TCU adequately aligns with the first goal of the TCU Lead On campaign: “Strengthen our Academic Profile and Reputation.”

Special Charges

  1. Work closely with the new Vice Chancellor for Student Success and the CUC, in the creation of the Community Engagement Committee by the end of Spring 2020. Evaluate effective systems to capture information on the variety, breadth, and frequency of community engagement by faculty, staff, and students.
  2. Consider ways to collectively inform and engage the issue of our students’ mental health, whether the increasing number of required accommodations are effective for student learning, and how to best inform faculty about ways to modify their pedagogy as needed to address the educational needs of our students.

AEC EOY 2018-2019